I am

I am little, no, actually I am already big. I'm just playful, that's all, and just a little bit difficult. Sometimes I do something really big, and afterwards I'm tired and all I want to do is sleep. I often feel wild and as strong as a bear. I can also be as soft as a plum. Every once and a while I'm lonely and feel very much alone. Then I would like to hide more than anything else. When I'm happy, I like to lure others into my realm or dance for them. Sometimes I listen for sounds in the world around me and wonder at them, slip into new clothes, wait for a friend and want to be loved.

Sometimes I'm also dreamy and would like to take a walk on the clouds, slide down the sun's rays or twist through the air with the wind. I can be impatient, too. Then I hop from one leg to the other, am fidgety and can't keep still. Sometimes I like to give presents, but there are also times when I'm stingy and hang on to all my things. When I'm at home, I want to go somewhere. When I finally get to go somewhere, I stop a lot and don't get very far very fast. When something's fun, I can work very hard at it. But then I can also be a real lazy bones and do nothing at all. And I can be as afraid as a scaredy-cat.

I can be so many things. Besides, I also have my secrets.

I have very secretive secrets that I think up before I go to sleep. I lie in bed and think: who am I anyway?

I am ...