Mister Home Little Home Mister Soon

Mister Move

  Mister Home mostly
hangs around at home
in order to reflect
and daydream.
That way one
or the other idea,
one or the other picture,
one or the other project
come into being.
Mister Home's assistant
is a hardworking guy
and very accurate.
Mister Home would
be lost without him.
Mostly he starts
working earlier
than his daydreaming boss.
For Mister Soon
tomorrow is always
the better choice
to starting work,
since tomorrow
everything will be easier
and turn out well,
tomorrow would be
the absolute best day for work.
Mister Move is the
driving power at home
and while travelling.
He is the one who keeps everything on track:
the assistants,
the projects,
the pictures
and most of all himself.